Against the Wall by Melody
While out of town at a partnership seminar, the agents are asked to take a look at some strange rooms found in an old warehouse -- with surprising results.(35k)
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All of Me series by Dorothy Gayle
Mulder finds out things about his partner he NEVER wanted to know. (124k)
Includes All of Me, Consequences, What Phoebe Wrought, & Going Too Far.

Aphrodisia Series by Kristel St. Johns
Mulder and Scully explore trust and control issues as they embark upon a D/s relationship. Parts 1-7 (827k)

Atonement by Dorothy Gayle
Mulder has insulted Scully and she is determined to make him pay. (41k)

Awoken by Fiji (20k)
Awoken II: Reciprocation (25k)
"Short of tying me to the bedposts while I sleep and then having your way with me till I wake up screaming, I don't think you'll ever see me lose control. Sorry, Scully, that's just not me."

The Balance of Power by adara
"You nasty little . . ." I break off. Oh god. What am I doing? I'm panting with fear that I almost went too far. But she's talking now. "Say it, Mulder." I look at her in disbelief. Her gorgeous eyes are glassy, pulling me deep into her soul. "Mulder, say it." I can't. (50k)

Bitch by David S.
"You're not going to say it?" she asked tersely. "No, I'm not," he shot back. "We'll see what your answer is in two hours." He pulled on the restraints and rattled them. He was there until she said he could leave. (46k)

Red and Black by Sheryl Martin (18k)
Black and White (20k)
Dana decides to play. Then it's Mulder's turn.

Bondage by Soleil Compeau (12k)
Bondage (12k)
First, a dark fantasy of Scully's. Then it's Mulder's turn.

Book of Acts: Act of Faith by Brandon Ray
On their three month anniversary of becoming a couple, M&S explore an extreme possibility. (47k)

Bound by Audrey Cooper
A night of passion. 'Nuff said. (22k)

Captive Fox by Bluebonnet (686k)
Black Magic (145k)
In a land where women rule and men are chattel, young Fox Mulder is about to become Lady Dana Scully's most prized possession.

Cat Scratch Fever by Brandon Ray
Post-ep for "Teso dos Bichos." Scully's pissed. Smut ensues. (29k)

Caught in the Act II: No Win Situation by Parrotfish
Their affair revealed, Mulder and Scully have been given new partners. His is bad, and hers is worse. Together, they must suffer through the power games of their professional lives while learning a very different lesson about power in their private lives. (33k)

Chasing Fantasies by Kate
No Summary. (25k)

Dogged Determination Interlude I: Linen and Steel by Rhondda Lake
Pure mind candy. (661k)
Includes Dogged Determination I - III & Interludes I - III

A Dozen Eggs by Dorothy Gayle
Mulder and Scully want to play! (24k)

The Element of Trust by Jedi Shipper & Adrienne
When fear overrides pleasure, can Mulder help Scully trust him completely? (53k)

Fantasies by Katherine Benton
Mulder has a fantasy that Scully doesn't approve of. Can he make her approve? (38k)

Fantasies Spoken by Dorothy Gayle
Fulfilling a fantasy. (14k)

Fire by Fran Hartman
A playful e-mail exchange gets out of hand and Scully gets more than she ever expected. (79k)

A Gift of Silk by SubRosa (70k)
A Gift of Silk II (81k)
Mulder. Scully. D/s. 'Nuff said.

Happy Birthday Love by Donnilee (183k)
B is for Bondage (19k)
C is for Courage (23k)
Birthday Boy (95k)
Mulder decides to confess his feelings by buying a birthday present that leads to all sorts of questions about relationships, money, the future and exploring the dark side of sexuality.

Healing Ophelia 2: Feeding the Fetish by Donnilee
Ophelia is healed, but now she has a fetish. (63k)

Heartland I: Delta by Eiluned (26k)
Heartland II: Deserts Dry (18k)
Things get hot in New Orleans.

If He Asked You by Narida Law
A woman's lover wants a few questions answered. (27k)

India Ink by Gang of Four
The body is a canvas, meant to be painted. (12k)

Internal Exile by Brigitte Scully
Extreme fetish alert! (20k)

Into the Woods by RivkaT
Is the reality better than the fantasy? (23k)

Just the Way You Want It by Timmy
No summary. (13k)

Last Night in Eden by Cerulean1
Scully joins The Club as a slave with the help of Martin Halifax. Fox Mulder, one year into training at the FBI academy, goes to The Club as well, as a guest. Mulder has to get back to the states before his classes start again and the two are torn away from each other. Sometimes fate decides to intervene and make things right again. (29k) Crossover with Exit to Eden novel.

Losing Yourself by Amy Smarkusky
Mulder helps Scully explore her wild side. (18k)

Make Me by Selena Coontz (16k)
Make Me, Too (23k)
Mulder and Scully have fun of the physical sort one Friday night. (16k)

Mistress Dana by Merri-Todd Webster
No Summary (14k)

More than Vanilla by Andrea
Scully finally makes her move. (25k)

Not the Week by S. K. Harrell
Mulder and Scully trade fantasies. (25k)

A Perfect Weekend by Xanthe
Mrs. Scully is fair, but firm. (30k)

Platonic by Blueswirl
She envied him his control. (119k)

So Cruel by Isahunter (19k)
So Cruel to Be So Kind (21k)
Scully gets some long-awaited revenge. Then Mulder gets his turn.

So Cruel: Revisited by Katie Harris
The *cruelest* revenge - Badfic. (23k)
A parody of Isahunter's So Cruel

Slow Drag by Soodohnimh
It's a smut thing. (19k)

The Third Wish by Tim Scott
Be careful what you wish for. (106k)

Troika I: The Beginning by SubRosa (31k)
Troika II: Testing the Bonds (41)
Mulder/Scully, Scully/Krycek
Krycek is introduced to a new side of Mulder and Scully's relationship. (31k)

Trump by S. K. Harrell
Mulder and Scully play gin rummy, and other games. (47k)

Two Steps Forward by Soodohnimh
Mulder learns that Scully likes it rough. (18k)

Venus in Furs by Anonymous
Mulder's dream girl is Scully ... with a whip. (9k)
NOTE: This story is currently MIA and will return as soon as someone finds a copy.

Walking the Dark Path: Book I by Fantome Matresse (24k)
Walking the Dark Path: Book II (24k)
Mulder and Scully explore a 'darker side' of their sexual relationship.
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What He Deserved by Laura Shapiro
Mulder's guilt and Scully's frustration build to an unusual kind of climax. (18k)

White Roses by IMXFScully
This is a story about sex and love but it's far from sweet. (63k)

Wicked by Fran Hartman
The answer to the eternall question, "What's in a name?" (44k)

Wishing to Serve You by mimic117 (113k)
Wishing Out Loud (34k)
Mulder gives Scully a very special gift. Ever wonder what happened after the charity auction?

Words to the Wise by Karen Rasch
Mulder and Scully try to work some of the kinks out of their relationship. In the bedroom. (149k)