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Cover Art Courtesy of Nicole

"Control... It is my most cherished possession
and my most reviled character flaw..."

Scully, "Aphrodisia I - Scaling the Last Wall"

It's the side of sexuality very few people understand. Some even call it the dark side. But when life holds you captive, where do you go to escape? Mulder and Scully explore control and trust issues as they delve into a fantasy in which they will discover their darkest passions and deepest fears.

"You trust me with your life and your body, but you don't trust me enough to let me know when you're hurting. If we pursue this, you're going to have to trust me with a hell of a lot more than your life...If we do this, the words 'I'm fine' can't exist in your vocabulary anymore."
Mulder, "Aphrodisia II - Fear, Trust and Desire"