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Stories on this site will contain scenes of safe, sane, and consensual erotic power exchange, whether S/M, D/s, B/D, leather, fetish, role-playing, tantric sex, or any variations or combinations of the above. Use of toys, props, dungeons, or other accessories is encouraged but not required, as long as elements of dominance and submission or erotic pain are present.

Stories of rape, nonconsensual torture (physical or psychological), death, or serious bodily injury will not be accepted.

Stories must feature one or more X-Files characters, in any combination, het or slash. Secondary characters, crossovers and original characters are welcome. Stories will be categorized by the pairings involved, so readers can easily find the combinations that appeal to them (and avoid those that don't).

Stories will be archived as text, so if you want to submit one (or more) to be housed, please send a clean text copy to the email address at the bottom of the page. If a story is already archived elsewhere, you may send me the URL and I'll link to it. I reserve the right to clean up formatting problems and minor typos, but will not otherwise edit stories. I also welcome story recommendations. If you know of a good story you think belongs on this site, please let me know where to find it, so I can check it out.

This archive was originally set up to accept any story that fit the theme, and it will continue that way. This is an archive, not a recommendation site. Read at your own risk.

The instructions herein were provided (for the most part) by the previous site owners and have not been changed much from the original. I humbly thank them for doing the lion's share of the work.