Disciplinary Measures by Evielouise
Remember how uppity Scully got with A.D. Skinner in Triangle? The argument in Skinner's office complete with slamming doors, not to mention that spectacular elevator scene? Well, now she must pay for her insubordination. (29k)

Hard by Leelee (24k)
Soft {Story is currently MIA}
Fantasy Allowed (39k)
Fantasy Realized (58k)
Scully fulfills some of her deepest fantasies with the authoritative Assistant Director. Eventually Mulder joins in as well.

Mistress Dana's Master by Merri-Todd Webster
No Summary. (14k)

Red by Loren Q
Pretty much a PWP. Scully and Skinner run into each other unexpectedly. (41k)

Surrender by Selena Coontz
Skinner teaches Scully a hard lesson about control, and the joy that comes from losing it. (44k)

What's Sauce For the Goose by Xanthe
There are always consequences for every action, as Scully is about to find out. (8k)