As High as it Goes by Adrian Ives
An elevator, Scully, a sexy Texan lady, and plenty of stern punishment. It's not just hot outside. (13k)

Circles Unbroken: Five O Clock Sharp by Athos
Lee and Scully add spice to their lovemaking in this tale. (12k)

The End of the World by Cody Nelson
A restless Scully decides to celebrate the new year with some new experiences. X-Files/Homicide crossover (31k)

Games: Dungeons and Dragons by Radclyffe
Scully goes hunting. Bondage, sex toys, and power. Your choice. (12k)

Secret Desires by Radclyffe
Scully and her lover explore the outer reaches of their sexual trust. (8k)

Ten Seconds of Ecstasy by Laynie
Scully's roommate reflects on their unusual arrangement. (10k)
NOTE: This story is currently MIA and will return when someone finds a copy.

Top by eeyore
Can someone who is 5'2" and wears lipstick and heels be a believable top for a butch dyke? (45k)

Wrestled to Submission by A.P.
Special Agent Dana Scully really lets her hair down! (15k)

Yes, Ma'am by Selena Coontz
Scully's lover gives her the punishment she needs. (15k)