Bad Boy by Savannah Black
Krycek/Other F.
What if Krycek had a conscience and thought he needed to be punished? (30k)

The Bet by DBKate (19k)
The Bet II (11k)
A bet made with something lost, and something even better won.

Blindfold by Xanthe
Skinner has an encounter with a mystery woman. (54k)

Disciplinary Action by K. Bellot
Skinner comes up with a rather unusual way to reprimand a beautiful insubordinate agent. (18k)

A Dream of Fools by Spica
Tiger and wolf, winter snow and cornflowers, wounds and desire: a war of wills. (162k)

L'Avatar by Louise Wu
Looking for action in a Toronto leather bar, Krycek runs into a high-testosterone American topman. (60k)

Mistress by Amperage
The murder of a dominatrix hits very close to home for Mulder. (369k)

Ordeal by Pizza by Jane Symons
A Tunguska fantasy in which Krycek doesn't have to spend the night on the balcony after all. (27k)

Palm Pilot by The Spike
One possible upshot of the events of S.R. 819, with smut. (13k)

Poems by mocomab
A selection of short S/M poems of no particular pairing. (3k)

Reflections by Thamiris
X-Files/HtLJ crossover. Ares/Mulder.
Mulder meets an old god in a decaying temple. (17k)
NOTE: This story is currently MIA and will return when someone finds a copy.

The Rose Trellis by The Riticulan Amanuensis
Krycek/Other M.
Krycek meets a beautiful stranger who helps take his mind off of Mulder - for a little while. (26k)

Something Wicked by torch
X-Files/Highlander crossover.
Alex Krycek meets a dark handsome mysterious stranger one night. So does Methos. (26k)