24/7 by Xanthe
Mulder finally finds someone who will give him the extreme thrills that he seeks, but there's a high price to be paid. (3.43MB)

The Agreement by Xanthe
Ever wondered how Skinner disciplined Mulder for his antics in such episodes as The Host, and Paper Hearts? (196k)

Authority by Laura Cooksey (39k)
Lost Weekend by Lynne Austin (94k)
An invitation to Skinner's house for dinner - and Mulder's on the menu. (39k)

Come on Let's Play by Sculder
Skinner's in a playful mood and Mulder is his plaything. (26k)

Cruel to Be Kind by Xanthe
Mulder and Skinner find themselves facing their first relationship crisis and Skinner comes up with a solution - one that Mulder isn't sure he's all that happy with! (93k)

Leather Pants Discipline Challenge by Bertie
No summary. (11k)

A Matter of Control by Lynne Austin
When AD Skinner seeks outside assistance in relieving his sexual boredom both he and his partner get more than they bargained for. (85k)

Missing by Palinurus
Mulder goes in search of Skinner. (85k)

One Dark Game by DBKate
The workings of a game between Skinner and Mulder. (8k)

Oral Commitment by Peach
No summary. (10k)

Restrained by Sculder
Mulder is getting to know the meaning of the word, 'Restraint'. (13k)

Subterfuge by Xanthe
Mulder and Skinner go undercover at a gay S/M club in order to solve some murders, and during the course of their investigation learn some interesting things about themselves. (442k)

What Ever Gets You Through the Night by Peach
Skinner and Mulder consummate their relationship. (21k)

White Glove Test by WitchQueen
Mulder takes orders from Skinner in a military uniform with white gloves. (8k)