Bad by Cody Nelson
Sixth season. Mulder and Krycek discover that being bad can feel awfully good. (50k)

Boys XI: Aisle 5 by Nicole S.
Alex has been a bad little boy and needs to be punished. (36k)

By any other name by torch
Second-season Mulder and Krycek; spanking, sex and conversation. (18k)

Journeys in Shadow by Jessica Harris
The boys go far, maybe too far. (4k)

The Paradox Club by Cody Nelson
Fifth season. Late one night, Mulder follows Krycek to a sex club, where he learns more than he ever dreamed about why Krycek always wears black leather... (121k)

Ping Pong by Cody Nelson
Mulder and Krycek play a game with paddles. (20k)

Precious Pain by Zen&nancy
PWP of the bloodsport variety. (10k)

The Strength to Drown by Isagel
An S/M encounter seen through Mulder's eyes. (9k)

Towel by Satina
Dom-Mulder, anyone? (37k)

Wanting Inspiration by Te
Mulder does some thinking, smut ensues. (17k)

Yes, Alex by Loren Q
Plot? What Plot? I just wanted to write an SM story. (70k)