Hard by Leelee (24k)
Soft {Story is currently MIA}
Fantasy Allowed (39k)
Fantasy Realized (58k)
Scully fulfills some of her deepest fantasies with the authoritative Assistant Director. Eventually Mulder joins in as well.

Her Sweet Red Lips by Maggie M
Mulder/Scully/Krycek. (5k)

In the Lioness' Den Series by Gaby
Scully/Mulder/Skinner. Scully Dommes Mulder and Skinner... (~ 400k)
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It was a Dark and Stormy Night by Josan
Krycek/Mulder/Skinner. (15k)

Office Discipline by Radthea
Mulder/Skinner/Scully. Pure porn, and a lot of it. (109k)

Yes Sir by Kate
Scully/Mulder/Skinner. (5k)